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David Gans
house concert 1/10/2011

Janice and Al's house, Boca Raton FL

Dawn's Early Light->
For Everyman
Down to Eugene (video)
Lazy River Road
Ship of Fools->
In Another World
Like a Dog->
Cassidy's Cat
Life Is a Jam->
Norwegian Wood
Therapy Blues
That's Real Love
The Bounty of the County
Who Killed Uncle John?
Brokedown Palace
It's Gonna Get Better

Disc 2 bonus tracks:
Spring jam->
Four Strong Winds
4/10/11 Marin Farmers' Market, San Rafael CA

Lazy River Road
Shove in the Right Direction
4/2/11 Five Spot, Atlanta GA



Presented by Compass Rose and gratefuldeadtributebands.com

Recorded by Charlie Miller
Edited, mixed, and mastered by David Gans